Darren Purchese’s Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut Spread

• 280g Caster Sugar
• 40g Water
• 50g Jam Setting Sugar
• 800g Thick Cream 35% Fat
• 40g Liquid Glucose
• 1 Vanilla Pod
• pinch Salt
• pinch Bicarb Soda
• 120g Dark Chocolate
• 60g Hazelnut Paste – (substitute for Nutella)


1. Mix the water with the jam setting sugar and add this to a large heavy bottomed saucepan with the cream, scraped vanilla pod, glucose, salt an bicarb.
2. Mix well, scald and reserve in the saucepan until needed.
3. Take another large heavy bottomed saucepan and start to heat it over a medium heat. Gradually add 280g sugar in stages, stirring continuously with a heat resistant rubber spatula or wooden spoon, until it has all been melted evenly and it is a deep, golden amber colour.
4. Remove the hot pan of caramel from the stove and deglaze with the scalded cream. BE CAREFUL – this will spit furiously and expand and the steam is extremely hot.
5. Once all of the cream has been added to the caramel, place it back onto a low to medium heat and cook until the mixture has reduced by half.
6. Place the chocolate and hazelnut paste into a bowl and pour over the prepared hot caramel base, leave to sit for 30 seconds before mixing well with a rubber spatula or whisk.
7. If the mixture does not look smooth and shiny you can emulsify further with a hand blender.
8. Use immediately or allow the spread to cool down in a container or place it hot into a jar.