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Saboo make Natural Handmade Soap and Body care products, by using all natural organic ingredients and a 100% plant oil base  to make soap that is mild, fragrant, kind and gentle on your skin. 

Saboo Soap and products are manufactured at the Saboo factory in Thailand. Saboo Thailand abides by Fair Trade principles and support local farming communities, families and suppliers. Only sustainable sources of organic ingredients free of pesticides are used in Saboo high quality handmade soap and spa products.

Husband and wife team, Kim and Khun Oom  and Oom’s sister Khun Ing started Saboo Thailand in 2007. Kim and Khun Oom are both qualified Chemists with a history of formulating and manufacturing Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical products. Both were concerned by the high chemical content in many mass produced soap and skin care products and the harmful effect these have on the skin and health of consumers. So they decided to start a business built around the values and ethics of manufacturing high quality natural handmade soap and skin care products that are kind, gentle and beneficial to a persons skin, health and the environment.

Formulating and manufacturing their unique Soap at home and then selling their handmade Soap in a small shop and markets around Bangkok, Saboo Thaliand  has grown and expanded to a point where it now has a large scale production facility and a number of outlets that meet  local and domestic demand.  They also export to a number of countries including South Korea, Japan, China, UAE, Saudia Arabia and now Australia.

Saboo Australia, which was established in agreement with Saboo Thailand, now import the Saboo product to Australia and are able to offer Australian consumers the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits in a soap and skin care product that consumers from around the world currently enjoy and love!