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Danny’s Knitwear

Tuesday: Stall 77-78, E Shed; Thursday: Stall 25-26, D Shed; Friday: Stall 6-8, Rear K Shed; Saturday: Stall 24-26, Rear L Shed; Sunday: Stall 59-69, K Shed




0402 839 957


For over thirty five years Danny’s spacious stall has attracted visitors from all over the world looking to buy fine merino wool knitwear. International and local visitors can also now buy high quality Australian wool garments where ever they are in the world online at www.dannysknitwear.com.

Danny’s latest range of Merino Possum knitwear is locally made in Australia, with the garments providing warmth with a soft and light feel. Visit Danny’s stall to view their latest range or send an email for any queries.