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Coconut Revolution

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Coconut Revolution encourages a new way of thinking about the ancient, humble coconut. More than just a holiday treat to be sipped in hammocks; this remarkable tropical fruit can be added to daily life to inspire happiness and wellbeing.

Launched in Australia in 2013, Coconut Revolution is a new range of cosmetic and food products made with the extraordinary all-natural goodness of cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil.

To ensure only high-quality, nutrient-rich coconut oil goes into Coconut Revolution products the fruit is ‘cold-pressed’. Our approach to oil extraction means the oil is pressed from the coconut meat at ambient temperature without the use of any chemicals and then triple-filtered, so the resulting oil is clear and untainted by impurities, thus retaining all the valuable, naturally-occurring nutrients.

Unlike palm oil processing, coconut farming is an entirely environmentally sustainable process. The production of coconut oil does not contribute to deforestation as it is not necessary to cut down coconut trees in order to harvest their fruit.