Our Traders - Deli hall

Koko Black

Shop 71-72, Deli Hall

Koko Black is a love of beauty, detail and the magic quality of chocolate, a place for venturing beyond the everyday. Koko Black at the Dairy Produce Hall focuses exclusively on the retail range.

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La’ Deli

Shop 21-24, Deli Hall

La Deli in the Queen Victoria Markets Melbourne is a family owned and operated business. The Louca family has a long history in Melbourne of manufacturing, importing and selling the finest smallgoods, cold meats, oils, …

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Ladle & Tong

Stall 97-98, Deli Hall

Serving fresh soups and salads that are nutritious and delicious.  All soups and salads are made fresh on site, taste great and are good for you.

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Land of Soy and Honey

Shop 10-11, Deli Hall

Nick and Carolina from Land of Soy & Honey stock an extensive range of honey, including the powerful antibacterial Manuka honey.

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M&G Caiafa

Shop 66-70, Deli Hall

M&G Caiafa are a family owned and run business, that have provided over 40 years of the highest quality food & service. M&G Caiafa specialise in Gourmet Breads & Pastries, Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds, …

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Market Lane Coffee

Shop 73-76, Deli Hall

Market Lane is a specialty coffee roastery, cafe, and retailer, born and based in Melbourne. At Market Lane, we are not great multi-taskers. We focus on only one thing: delicious high-quality coffee. Admittedly, we are a little …

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McIver’s Coffee & Tea Merchants

Shop 101-102, Deli Hall

McIver’s is a little haven for the coffee and tea obsessed.  We stock over 24 coffees and 72 teas all in our tiny little corner of the Dairy Hall.  Our window onto Therry St is …

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Nifra Poultry

Shop 84, Deli Hall

Nifra Poultry specialise in Free-Range Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Kangaroo, Turkey, Quail, Pheasant, Emu, Squab and more!

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Nut Trek

Shop 55-56, Deli Hall

Delicious and packed with nutrients, nuts are a great snack to enjoy when you're on the go. In fact, it is often said that a handful of tree nuts five times a week will see …

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Pavilion Select Produce

Shop 31-32 Deli Hall

Pavilion Select Produce, home to one of the oldest cheese bells in the world, is a family run business that offers premium quality produce at fantastic prices! Pavilion Select Produce is a meat-free delicatessen selling a …

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