Home-curing your own olives is easy to do but takes a long time. However, the end result is definitely worth waiting for.

Home-cured olives Recipe


Manzillo olives (Green Leaf Produce, Stalls 39-42, H Shed)
salt (Tina’s Gourmet Cheese Deli, Shop 33-35, Dairy Hall)
vinegar (Hellenic Deli, Shop 39-40, Dairy Hall)
lemon, sliced (Fruit & Veg Supply, Stalls 21-25, H Shed)
garlic cloves, sliced (George’s Fruit & Veg, Stalls 9-14, H Shed)
dried chillies (Green Valley Spices, Stalls 36-40, B Shed)
bay leaves (Green Valley Spices, Stalls 36-40, B Shed)
allspice (Green Valley Spices, Stalls 36-40, B Shed)
olive oil (Dianne’s Delights, Shop 43-46, Dairy Hall)


Wash olives and discard any that are soft or bruised. Using a sharp knife, make 2-3 slits down each olive all the way to the seed. Cover olives with water. Change the water every 24 hours, making sure to cover the olives each time.

Taste the olives after 6 or 7 days—if they are still bitter, continue changing the water daily for another few days and then taste again.

Make a brine solution for the olives according to the following ratio: for every 250ml water add 1 tsp salt and 75ml vinegar. Add olives to the brine and transfer to sterile glass jars with slices of lemon, garlic and chilli, bay leaves and allspice. Cover with a thick layer of olive oil to ensure the olives aren’t exposed.

Fasten the lids on the jars and leave in a cool, dry place for at least 2 months before eating.