Nashi is the Japanese word for pear—so what better to accompany this sweet and crunchy fruit than some soy-glazed duck? Start marinating the duck the night before for a fuss-free alternative to chicken skewers.

Duck and nashi skewers with soy glaze Recipe


1 tbsp honey (53° East Nut Shop, Shop 6, F Shed)
1 tbsp soy sauce (Garden Organics, Stalls 71-76, I Shed)
½ tsp Chinese five spice (Nut Trek, Shop 55-56, Dairy Hall)
2 duck breast, cut in half lengthwise then cut into cubes (Nifra Poultry, Shop 84, Dairy Hall)
1 nashi pear, cut into cubes the same size as the duck (Fresh HQ at Queen Vic, Stalls 88-89, B Shed)
1 tbsp peanut oil (Garden Organics, Stalls 71-76, I Shed)


Combine the honey, soy sauce and Chinese five spice in a bowl.

Marinate the duck in the soy sauce mixture and set aside for as long as you can (at least 4 hours).

Alternate pieces of duck with pieces of nashi on skewers.

Heat peanut oil in a frypan over medium heat and fry the skewers for 5-10 minutes, turning constantly and being careful not to let them burn.