This refreshing dessert is a grown-up gourmet version of canned lychees and vanilla ice cream, the type you would find in Chinese restaurants.

Ginger and macadamia ice cream with lychees Recipe


1 cup macadamia nuts (Nut Trek, Shop 55-56, Dairy Hall)
2 litres vanilla ice cream, softened (Market Organics, Stalls 46-55, I Shed)
125 grams glacé ginger, chopped (Nut Trek, Shop 55-56, Dairy Hall)
350 grams peeled and deseeded lychees (Top Green Production Fruit & Veg, Stalls 59-63, A Shed)
small handful fresh mint leaves, roughly torn (Top Green Production Fruit & Veg, Stalls 59-63, A Shed


Preheat oven to 180°C and line an oven tray with baking paper.

Spread macadamias on tray and bake for around 8 minutes or until lightly golden-brown and fragrant, giving the tray a shake about halfway through cooking time. Allow to cool.

Roughly chop toasted macadamias and place in a large bowl with the ice cream and ginger. Stir to combine.

Transfer ice cream into a 11cm x 21cm loaf tin and cover with foil. Place tin in the freezer for 2 hours or until ice cream is firm.

Divide lychees among the bowls and serve with scoops of ice cream garnished with fresh mint leaves.