Winter Hat Trends With Jenny Pyke

Hats have always been a trend item or seasonal accessory. Sometimes they’re hot; sometimes you wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Each year styles come and go, repeating trends of yesteryear. But this year, we’re finally seeing some strong trends come through.

For men, wide-brimmed fedoras and trilby hats are on-trend, as well as the timeless pork pies, giving that classic vintage look. And for the ladies vintage-look cloche style hats are stylish choices as well as a line of hand knitted wool berets and beanies – all made in Nepal supporting Fair Trade.

These styles are perfect for the Melbourne winter; they’re easy to dress up – a suit or smart blazer would be perfect or some chinos, boots and a light coat to bring a more casual air to the look.

Jenny and Dee have become the go-to women at the Market when it comes to choosing an item to round out a look. With over 30 years in Melbourne’s hat game, they have seen hundreds of trends come and go, so are in a good position to be picking your next item. Trust us, you’re in good hands.

Visit the Hat Project at 99 Victoria St, or at The Summer or Winter Night Markets.