Victoria’s first free public Wi-Fi zones launched at Queen Victoria Market, central Ballarat & Bendigo

The Victorian Government has launched a pilot of free public Wi-Fi in central Melbourne, central Ballarat and central Bendigo, aimed at developing tourism, education, social inclusion, encouraging new business models, and creating a consistent Wi-Fi experience for residents and visitors.

“It will help to improve the tourism experience, draw more digital entrepreneurs to Victoria, support small businesses and education sector and provide additional communications support during emergencies,” Premier Denis Napthine said.

The Wi-Fi project is funded for five years with a one-off $6.7 million grant provided to iiNet to build, manage and maintain the network. The free Wi-Fi pilot will deliver more than 1000 access points in the three cities.

With Victoria’s free public Wi-Fi, users will:

  • be able to access the network outdoors, at street level
  • be able to download up to 250MB per day
  • have no time limits
  • not have to provide personal emails or log-in details
  • not be ‘pushed’ extra advertising from the service


Wi-Fi will start in three locations with more being rolled-out in central Melbourne, central Ballarat and central Bendigo throughout 2015.

Wi-Fi is now available at the following locations:

  • Central Melbourne: Queen Victoria Market, Queen Street/Victoria Street entrance area
  • Central Ballarat: Sturt Street at Queen Victoria Square, opposite Ballarat Town Hall
  • Central Bendigo: View Street Arts Precinct (Bendigo Art Gallery)

More hotspots will become available within the pilot area (shaded on the maps below). Select an image below to see the indicative map of free public Wi-Fi pilot area for each city. This website will have regular updates about Wi-Fi locations as more go live.


Indicative map of free public wi-fi area in central Melbourne Indicative map of free public wi-fi area in central Ballarat Indicative map of free public wi-fi area in central Bendigo

Connecting to the Victorian free public Wi-Fi network can be done in four easy steps:

  1. Locate your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device and select VicGovFreeWiFi
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to connect
  4. Start using Wi-Fi.

No details such as email, passwords, or other personal data, need to be provided to use the free outdoor public Wi-Fi.


For help with using the Victorian free public Wi-Fi network, please contact iiNet on 1300 668 847.