Prime Time For Produce!

There is no better time to eat fresh, with an abundance of new season produce flooding the Market.

If you have not yet picked up some Victorian grown asparagus then make it a priority on your next visit and try this simple recipe at home:

Lightly coat some larger variety spears in olive oil, season with salt and pepper and throw on the BBQ or grill.  Grill for  a couple of minutes one each side until the spears change to a bright green colour. Serve with the juice of one mandarin squeezed over the top.  For other great recipes a free asparagus recipe book is available from the Asparagus Council.

Keep an eye out for heirloom veggies around the Market.  Not only do they taste great, but their rich colours add plenty of pizazz to your plate. Some varieties to look out for are purple carrots, rainbow chard, golden beetroot and  lemonade lemons.

Best in Spring: pineapple, avocadoes, rockmelons, grapefruit, limes, custard apples, kiwi, pawpaw, beetroot, asparagus, leek, snowpeas, silverbeet, spinach, lamb, spring cleaning products, hammocks, books and puppies.