Perfect Christmas Trees Fresh from the Market!

The smell of pine… the deep green gloss of the needles… Christmas cheer is here!

The perfect Christmas Tree comes straight to your door, cut on the farm that morning. Home delivered, maybe even set in a stand holding enough water to keep it perky….. sounds pretty perfect right?

Throw is a dose of good cheers with a donation to McAuley Community Services for Women and Kids under Cover and that’s Melbourne Christmas Trees.

Owner Anthony Curtain talks to us about keeping Christmas trees fresh, his enduring relationships with the farmer and his customers, and his love of the Queen Victoria Market.

QVM: Hi Anthony, Would you tell us about Melbourne Christmas Trees?

Our philosophy is to bridge the gap between natural Christmas tree farmers and getting a tree into your home. We really want Fresh trees!

We get trees cut on the farm that morning, deliver them to your home later the same morning and stand them in water.

You will not find a big tree display at our place at the market, we don’t want you to buy a tree that has been cut days ago and has been sitting around out the water.

QVM: Fresh is best! That makes sense, it’s quite a market theme. 
You feel very strongly about this. What else motivates you in the business?

Melbourne Christmas trees are proud that we have been working with the same farmer, stand suppliers and delivery trucks since we began.

We have also been working with the same clients – which is fantastic. It’s a delightful relationship.

Since starting Melbourne Christmas Trees in 2009 we have imported stands from Texas that hold 1 liter of water – while still requiring refilling they allow the tree to enjoy its longest possible cut life.

QVM: So from your location at the Queen Victoria Market, what are the things you love about the market?

Spanish donuts, who doesn’t love the Spanish donuts!

For excellent coffee I go to Jo Battali and Carla Russo, they are also to be relied upon for a great chat, part of the market community.

The freshness and theatre of the produce areas is a cornerstone of the market experience.

I also love the night market and what it brings to the city and always look out for Wing Man. These guys make the best wings!

QVM: In conclusion?

We can arrange for to collect your tree after Christmas and recycle it, how’s that for a positive conclusion!

QVM: Thanks Anthony & Merry Christmas to you!

Anthony can be found at the Peel St end of A Shed Thursday through to Sunday.

For more information visit Melbourne Christmas Trees.