Ferguson Plarre At Queen Vic Market

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse is a family owned and operated business that has been serving award winning sweets and savouries to Victorians for over 100 years.  For at least 90 of those years the bakehouse has been a much loved fixture of the Queen Victoria Market Dairy Hall. Every day the market trades, so too does Ferguson Plarre with a wealth of baked goods, coffee and artisan cakes.

Easter is particularly special at the QVM Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse as market goers’ line up for the bakery’s famous “more fruit than flour” Hot Cross Buns.

Easter 2015 marks an extra special Easter for Ferguson Plarre as they reaffirm their commitment to sustainable baking and launch their now 100% palm oil free buns.  By using butter instead of margarine all traces of palm oil are eliminated, which makes them taste better too!

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses have also made a stance against the early sale of hot Cross Buns by chain supermarkets, introducing a range of “Not Cross Buns”.  The buns sporting smiley faces instead of crosses were available in the lead up to Easter in order to retain the anticipation and excitement of waiting for something special.

Be sure to say hi to Aldo and Rachael who have been lovingly running the QVM Ferguson Plarre for the last 12 years.  A vibrant part of the Market, the husband and wife team are passionate about their sweets and savouries – and they make good coffee too!