Lord Mayor’s Commendations

Celebrating the long term commitment of Melbourne’s small business proprietors.

The Lord Mayor’s Commendations acknowledge and celebrate the long-term commitment of independent small business proprietors to the City of Melbourne municipality.

The program was initiated by a group of small business proprietors to build a lasting archival record of Melbourne’s small and multi-generational business proprietors and encourage young or new proprietors to develop long-term goals for their city businesses. It continues to be community-led by an active peer group who are members of the Lord Mayor’s Commendations Advisory Group.

Since the program began in August 2005, more than 450 small business proprietors and 15 generational family businesses have received commendations. Twenty-five of the commendations have been Platinum – the highest level achievable – for proprietors operating in the municipality for longer than 50 years.

The City of Melbourne recently celebrated the long term commitment of Melbourne’s small businesses as part of the Lord Mayor’s Commendations. 72 independent small business proprietors and two generational family businesses were recognised at the 2014 presentation ceremony, including 16 businesses at Queen Victoria Market. We would like to congratulate the below businesses for their achievements:


Category Year Business
Business Owner’s Name Business Name
Gold 1974 Michael Caiafa M and G Caiafa
Silver 1981 Marcia & Soul Baer El Gringo (Jeans World
Silver 1978 Agazio & Carmel Bressi G+C Fresh Produce
Silver 1979 Xenia Charalambous Shear Wool
Silver 1986 Stephen Cooper Melbourne City Meats
Silver 1987 William & Julie Pham Groov-E-Wear
Silver 1980 Joe Stolarek Victoria Market Communications
Bronze 1996 Karen Birthisel Garden Organics
Bronze 2000 Jodi Brunner Feng Shui Cures & Crystals
Bronze 2000 Lisa & Fabio Costa Coffea Coffee
Bronze 1995 Krista Hackett Fairy dance (K-Lee Designs)
Bronze 2001 Peter & Michelle Kalogeratos The Breadbox
Bronze 1948 Joe Leuzzi Joe Leuzzi Flowers
Bronze 1994 Julie Peers Koorie Connections Altair
Bronze 1989 Bruce Pham Groov-E-Wear
Bronze 1987 Luke Taylor Melbourne City Meats


View the full list of recipients here