It’s Wednesday, which means you’ve survived the weekly struggle of getting through Monday and Tuesday. I think this calls for a celebration, don’t you? Something to mix up your midweek routine and put more thump in your hump day. And there’s no better place to do all of this than the Queen Vic Night Markets.


If you’ve never been before or it’s been a while since your last visit let me share with you a few tips on how to master the market. I like to think of my evening like an installment of The Hunger Games. Essentially I’m borrowing the name to justify starving all day then unleashing myself upon the food stalls whilst fighting to fit into tight clothes.

An evening at the Night Market really begins at 4pm when you’re still sitting at your desk. This is when you assemble what I like to call your ‘taste buds’. A group of friends whom you share a wondrous connection over food with. This stage is crucial in determining how the night will pan out. Keep your squad small so you can be nimble in crowds, invite the guy who’s up for anything both in cuisine and adventure, and most importantly choose buds who will never judge you for how much food you order.



Tip number two; don’t eat as soon as you get there! I know that sounds ridiculous but trust me. When you arrive take your time and look around. It’s like window-shopping for your stomach. Start building a mental image of what you’d like for entrée, main and dessert. Or in my case, entrée, main1, main2, main3 then dessert. Nobody wants to be that guy who orders the first thing they see then walks 5m to discover something else they’d prefer and spend the rest of eternity in food regret.

It’s time to feast! You’ve figured out what you want so now you need to divide and conquer the stalls. Someone get drinks while the others get entrée and mains before you meet back in an agreed spot. With deliciousness in hand your number one priority is getting your meal back in one piece and still hot. Keep your food low and close to your body to avoid dropping it and avoid all distractions including stopping to say hello to old friends, bubble machines and a dog doing backflips….There’s always a dog doing backflips.



Well done, you’re now ready to stuff your face. Many market goers prefer to do this on the
tables and chairs provided however you’d be lucky to score a seat. Lately I’ve been mastering my yoga squat position, leaning against a wall or my personal favourite, sitting on a curb.

Two fried chicken wings, one bbq squid, a bao, greek salad, a dozen oysters and two sangrias later you’re probably suffering from one of two common side effects. You either have a food baby in its 3rd trimester or about to fall into a deep food coma. Don’t worry; both of these are very treatable with a little retail therapy in the market’s merchandise section. Anything and everything you can imagine is here. There’s handmade jewelry, gorgeous home wares, beauty products, art and so much more. You can even peruse through children’s toys and apparel and maybe pick up a blanket for your new food baby.


Well I hope that helps! If you love nothing more than immersing yourself in culture and cuisine you’ll love the Queen Vic Night Markets. A place where the air tastes as good as the food, the buzz of energy is contagious and there’s always something new to experience. Finally, don’t forget to do a few social posts when you’re there so everyone knows your Wednesday night was way better than theirs.

Peace x
Sara Oteri

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