25 Days of Christmas

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Day 24: Yianni – Seafood & Oyster Spot

From one of our iconic traders at the market, comes freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters and much more – all at a reasonable price this Christmas! You can be assured that prices are not marked up at Seafood & Oyster Spot! So rush in today for the last chance to buy before that family dinner!


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Day 24: Gary – Gazza’s Gourmet Seafood

There’s still time to put up a platter of fresh seafood for your Christmas dinner tonight! Like these Australian prawns from Gazza’s Gourmet Seafood. Seafood you can trust!


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Day 23: Joe – Joe Leuzzi Flowers

Don’t forget to bring along flowers for your Christmas dinner hosts this year. Pick up a ready-made bunch or pick loose flowers and make up your own arrangement! On what’s the best flowers to pick for the occasion, the traders at Joe Leuzzi Flowers will be there to help!


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Day 23: Con – Out of the Blue

Find the freshest seafood at the market this Christmas. Buy the traditional salmon, snapper, trout, or try something completely new! Let our traders in the Meat and Fish Hall introduce you to a whole new meaning of the word seafood!


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Day 22: Paras & Liana – Dianne’s Delights

At Diannes Delights, you will find nothing that’s not made by Dianne herself. For the traditional Greek food lovers, you can find cabbage rolls, stuffed capsicums and much more! Their amazing antipasto platters could just be the perfect appetizer of choice this Christmas!


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Day 21: Helen & Robert – W.R. King

The leg of ham at WR. King has been voted #1 in the state by the Herald Sun. What could be more worthy of your dinner table this Christmas than that? Find them at the Meat Hall this week!


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Day 20: Blythe – Parlour

This summer, treat your skin kindly with the SOHUM range of luscious skin products from Parlour. And with fragrances such as Madagascan vanilla, mango and coconut, you won’t want to leave until you’ve got a whole hamper of goodies to pamper yourself with!


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Day 19: Carmen – Jeans World

Feeling sentimental this Christmas? Come to Jeans World and have a look at the range of retro and pop culture fashions that you loved growing up! Perhaps someone you know will appreciate this sentimental gift.


Day 18: Alex – Pavilion

Rich, flavourful and sweet – a most famous cheese from Holland, named after the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. Rich with culture and creativity – there is no better choice for cheese this Christmas. Buy your own from Pavilion Select Produce and wow your family with its unique tastes!



Day 17: Julie – Petal

With only a week left until Christmas, it’s really time to lose the tense shoulders and relax! Let Petal ease you into the holiday mood with organic, natural skincare products, essential oils, and loose-leaf teas. All proudly made in Australia.


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Day 16: Hello from Animal Farm (a.k.a Spotty Dot)

If you’re looking to brighten up this festive season, Spotty Dot is here to help. With a wide range of colourful, bright, both traditional and quirky toys and homewares, you’ll be sure to find a way to keep you and your children happy!



Day 15: Chris – Jenkins Quality Meats

Why not stop by and ask Chris his best tips on the perfect crackling for Christmas? His quality pork products will have the family talking about their meal for Christmases to come.



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Day 14: Bettina – Pussycat Black

This Christmas, purchase an exquisite, hand crafted ceramic piece by local artist Jessilla Rogers to adorn your home. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind! Discover this and more at Pussycat Black on Therry St.


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Day 13: Santiago – Coconut Revolution

Pamper your skin this holiday season with Coconut Revolution’s range of all-natural, feel-good body lotions. Or gift a loved one with the goodness of the tropical fruit that will bring happiness and well being into daily life.


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Day 12: Nut Trek’s Christmas Pudding!

No Christmas is complete without a Christmas cake or pudding for the entire family. Nut Trek’s legendary Christmas cake kits come with all the ingredients you need, including these delicious dried apricots and glazed pineapples. Grab you kit today from the Dairy Hall.



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Day 11: Iris – Iris’ Fruit Baskets

These collapsible fruit baskets made from bamboo are a specialty of Iris – multi-purpose, easy to store or ship off to a loved one! They are a unique piece of wooden art and make the perfect gift this holiday season.


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Day 10: Henry – Pop Up Cards

Make your Christmas greetings extra special with Henry’s Pop-up Christmas Cards. These intricate cards, that are hand made with lots of care, are sure to “stand-out” among all other Christmas cards and put a smile on your loved one’s face!


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Day 9: Marte – Uscha

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but with one of these beautiful leather-bound gifts you may debate that. Uscha’s range consist of ethical, handmade products from villages around the world. So when you gift one of these notebooks to your loved ones, you know you are supporting an even more beautiful cause of helping small, less fortunate communities around the world. It truly is a gift of Christmas.


Day 8: Alpesh & Lex – Garden Organics

What’s a better time to start eating healthy than right before the new year? Start your new years cleansing today with fresh, organic vegetables. Check out this raw beetroot and carrot salad recipe from Garden Organics to get you started!


Day 7: Rossella – Coffea Coffee

Know a coffee connoisseur who’s full of beans? Then Coffea Coffee have the perfect Christmas gift to roast their chestnuts this year! This supremely stylish Bialetta Moka coffee maker is not only an opportunity to create that perfect cup of coffee at home but also a beautifully elegant piece for any kitchen.


Day 6: Bruce – Bruce Goose

Have you got a new baby in the family this Christmas? Well, if you think they are cute already, wait until you put these gorgeous little giraffe socks on their feet. It’s the gift which will have the rest of family jealous that they didn’t think of it first!


Day 5: Shane – Shane’s Apples

Why not mix up your Christmas pudding this year with the addition of some apples? Shane is an expert on his unsprayed, herbicide-free range and will be able to give the best advice on which apples would make the best accompaniment to your Christmas feast whether in apple sauce or a new twist on the classic pudding.


Day 4: Celia – Haunted Holographs

Didn’t get enough of Halloween? Bring it back this December with your own Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired celebrations. Haunted Holographs is ready with their celebratory skulls and plenty of designer prints for that difficult-to-buy-for alternative niece or nephew in your family.



Day 3: Robyn – Inner Essentials

Make your Christmas merry and (very) bright with these beautiful designer candles from Inner Essentials. Not sure which candle would best suit a loved one, have a chat to Robyn and she will be able to sort you out with just the right one!


Day 2: Janine – Chicken Pantry

The Turkey may not be the fastest land animal, but it sure moves pretty quickly out of our Dairy Hall at this time of year! Make sure you don’t miss out on this classic Christmas Dinner centrepiece by ordering one early from our Poultry and Game shops.


Day 1: Connie & Mel – Ambiance

The first day of December. It’s now the socially acceptable time to put up your Christmas Tree. And with some new decorations from Ambiance, your tree will be so beautiful that you won’t want to take it down in January.