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Coconut Revolution encourages a new way of thinking about the ancient, humble coconut.

More than just a holiday treat to be sipped in hammocks; this remarkable tropical fruit can be added to daily life to inspire happiness and wellbeing.coconut revolution

Launched in Australia in 2013, Coconut Revolution is a new range of cosmetic and food products made with the extraordinary all-natural goodness of cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil.

To ensure only high-quality, nutrient-rich coconut oil goes into Coconut Revolution products the fruit is ‘cold-pressed’. Their approach to oil extraction means the oil is pressed from the coconut meat at ambient temperature without the use of any chemicals and then triple-filtered, so the resulting oil is clear and untainted by impurities, thus retaining all the valuable, naturally-occurring nutrients.

Unlike palm oil processing, coconut farming is an entirely environmentally sustainable process. The production of coconut oil does not contribute to deforestation as it is not necessary to cut down coconut trees in order to harvest their fruit.

Why should you join the revolution?

Wherever the coconut palm grows, the locals have used it to support their health and vitality and Western medical journals are starting to catch on – publishing evidence that coconut oil can have positive effects on some of the aforementioned ailments.

Coconut oil is now gaining long overdue recognition as an invaluable contributor to a healthy lifestyle together with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Inner Health

A healthier option that can be used in cooking to replace vegetable oils or animal-based fats like butter, coconut oil truly is ‘the good kind of fat*’.  It has a warm, sweet, nutty flavour and can be heated without burning or oxidising.cococott

Our bodies respond differently to different fats. Coconut oil is composed of medium-chain fatty acids: a rare kind of fat that is more likely to be converted straight into energy for the body to use rather than be stored and later turned into body fat*.

The moisture of coconut oil is the perfect ingredient for cosmetic products because it offers a deeply hydrating, non-greasy treatment that balances the skin’s natural oils. Indigenous tropical communities have used coconut oil in hair and beauty regimes for centuries.

Outer Health

coconutsA large percentage of coconut oil is lauric acid (45-52 percent), a substance with antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties*. Lauric acid is also found in milk but at significantly lower levels.  Human milk contains 6.2 percent and cow’s milk 2.9 percent. Lauric acid is known to boost the immune system and help protect the skin against irritation and infection*.

Lauric acid is categorised as a solid but becomes liquid in tropical climates or when the temperature reaches more than 30 degrees celsius. Our coconut oil will solidify in ambient temperatures below 25 degrees celsius and can be melted by resting the container in warm water.  The oil can also be scooped out with a spatula or butter knife (it behaves a bit like butter).

View the full range of products available from Coconut Revolution online, or swing by their stall at Luna1878 or in I Shed Fri-Sun to find out more about the powers of coconut.


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