Get the Facts

We, like you, want the Queen Victoria Market to be part of our city forever. The most important part of Queen Victoria Market’s heritage is the people of the market – the traders and customers and the many friendships that have formed over generations of authentic market trading from this market place. We’re keeping the best parts of the Queen Victoria Market while making improvements over the next five years. Through renewal we want to retain and restore the market’s heritage while creating much needed improved facilities for traders, customers and visitors. Everything we do is about making the market work better for customers and traders, ensuring the market is viable for future generations.

We’re investing in Queen Victoria Market to make a great market even better and we’ll ensure our favourite Vic Market is open right throughout renewal, with plenty of reasons to visit and support your favourite trader.

The Renewal will:

  • Restore and return the market’s heritage sheds to where they stand today.
  • Leave the much-loved food halls just as they are, with only some minor restoration and renovation works.
  • Move market operations below ground, creating more room for what you love best about the market above ground.
  • Make the market a more efficient and safer place to work and visit while retaining the market’s unique atmosphere and authenticity.
  • Move car parking below ground so we can transform the 1.5 hectare site into open space. A far more fitting acknowledgement to the car park’s significant history as Melbourne’s former cemetery.
  • Secure the market’s future so it can play an even bigger role in our city forever, as it has since 1878.

Why do we need to renew the Queen Victoria Market?
We want to retain and restore Queen Victoria Market’s heritage while making some much needed improvements so it can flourish as one of the great open-air markets. The renewal will allow us to provide an even better experience to loyal customers while attracting even more people to the market.

Why do things need to change?
It is important that we deliver modern facilities to make the market work better for traders, Melbournians and visitors to Melbourne. Moving market operations below ground will create more room for what you love best about the market above ground. It will give traders access to cool rooms, storage, waste management facilities and dedicated delivery zones. We will have improved safety for everyone and better and more efficient working conditions for all.

Will everything we love at the market disappear?
The history, heritage and people of the market is what makes it so special. Through renewal we will restore and return the market’s heritage sheds to where they stand today. The much-loved food halls will be just as they are with only some minor restoration and renovation works.

Will the market trading hours change and will there be more places for the community to connect?
We want the renewed market to play a more active role in the life of our city and be open to more people, more often. This isn’t about asking traders to work around the clock but instead programming a variety of changing offers and events that add to and support the market experience while keeping things affordable. The market will be at the heart of a revitalised market precinct surrounded by great streets and tree-lined spaces with more room for pedestrians, cyclists and improved access to public transport. There will still be plenty of car parking but it will be moved below ground.

Will I still be able to find a parking spot at the Queen Victoria Market?
We wiII create new open spaces for people to eat, sit and meet including transforming the current car park into a big open space for the community for festivals, street markets, and events to complement the market. This will be a far more fitting acknowledgement to the car park’s significant history as the site of Melbourne’s first cemetery. New car parking will be located right next to the market in Therry Street, and we will ensure we match the current number of car parks through the delivery of alternative car parking.

Will there be a supermarket in the renewed Queen Vic Market?
No, there will never be a supermarket at the Queen Victoria Market.

Will the market be more environmentally sustainable?
The market precinct will reduce its environmental foot print, with a strong focus on maximising energy efficiency, reducing waste and promoting climate resilience.

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