How do I apply for a stall?

You can apply for a stall by downloading an Expression of Interest form here

Can I buy meat and vegetables on Sundays?

All areas of the Market are open on all trading days, except the Wine Market (I Shed) and String Bean Alley which only operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There are no specific ‘Fresh Produce Days’ or ‘General Merchandise Days’. All areas are open each day.

Can I return or exchange an item that I bought?

You will need to contact the stallholder or shop owner from where you purchased your item. If you do not recall the shop or stall name, you can contact us on 03 9320 5822 or info@qvm.com.au detailing the item, location and description of the shop/stall and we will endeavour to locate the trader.

I’m a student doing an assignment, can I interview anyone on your staff?

This website has been loaded with detail that is intended for the general public and students to use for information and/or assignment purposes.

Whilst we wish to support all students in their class work, our website includes all relevant information to assist in your research. Please note, financial data is confidential company information and not available to the public.

I am looking for casual work, have you anything available?

To obtain a job with a stall holder or shop owner, you will need to approach them individually yourself as Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd does not provide an employment service for any of its tenants.

Can I give out promotional flyers at the Market?

Promotional handbills other than those created and distributed by Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd are not permitted at any time.

How can I arrange a fundraising stall at the Market?

Fundraising stalls at Queen Victoria Market are provided free of charge to Charities and some fundraising organisations. Please refer to fundraising permit page

How can I apply for a promotional stall at the Market?

Promotional stalls for commercial purposes must be applied for in writing. Not all promotions are accepted, especially when the product being presented for promotion is in direct competition with any of our traders. Please refer to promotional permit page

Do I need a permit to film or take photographs for commercial, student or promotional purposes at Queen Victoria Market?

Yes, filming or photography at the Market for commercial, student or promotional purposes requires a permit and all requests must be received in writing. Please refer to filming permit page

How can I lodge a complaint?

Complaints can be forwarded via mail, email or telephone.
Please address your letter to:
Complaints Department
Queen Victoria Market
PO Box 12415
A’Beckett Street
Melbourne VIC 8006

Please email info@qvm.com.au

I am in a band and would like to get a gig at Queen Victoria Market, how can I do this?

We welcome expressions of interest from entertainers who wish to perform at the Queen Victoria Market or any of our events. Please note if you are applying for a busking spot at the Market, you will need to have a City of Melbourne Busking Permit. Please refer to our Become a Performer page.

Can I bring my dog to the Market?

Dogs are not permitted in any enclosed or covered areas of the Market.  This includes the Deli Hall, Meat Hall, Food Court, Elizabeth Street and Victoria Street Shops and all sheds with the exception of Guide Dogs for the visually impaired or Assistant Dogs.

I would like to obtain a list of your traders and contact details to get our products sold at the Market?

Due to privacy laws, Queen Victoria Market does not provide lists of traders and contact details.

Do you sell live chickens?

There is one trader at the Market who sells live birds including chickens and ducks on Fridays and Saturdays only. The trader is located at the bottom of F shed on Queen street. It is not possible to provide details on what breeds are going to be sold as these are subject to availability and can change from week to week.