Melbourne’s Marketplace Retail Plan

About the retail plan

Melbourne’s Marketplace is the retail plan that will guide and secure the future of trading at the Queen Victoria Market. It seeks to serve the changing needs of the city while keeping the authentic character of the market at its heart. The plan was developed by Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd in consultation with traders, the City of Melbourne and other key stakeholders.

The forward-looking plan provides a view of what trading at the market will look like in 2023, following the completion of the City of Melbourne-led Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal program. The plan reinforces commitment to the market’s heritage and highlights that the Queen Victoria Market is, and always will be, first and foremost a marketplace.

Maintaining affordability for traders and customers is key to this plan, as is supporting and developing small business to enable the traditional market to retain its essence while providing a more diverse offer and a key community meeting place.

What is the vision for the market as described in the retail plan?

The retail plan is built around key elements and will deliver:

  • Security and affordability for traditional traders
  • Support for small business
  • Protection of our heritage
  • A customer focus
  • A place for community and visitors
  • Investment in infrastructure

Click here to view the Melbourne’s Marketplace Retail Plan.

The retail plan formed part of the City of Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal (QVMPR) program Business Case, released in July 2017. To read more about the QVMPR program or to view the Business Case, visit the City of Melbourne website.