Tony Pham Wins Trader Cook Off Heat!

Tony Pham of George the Fishmonger won the My Market Rules with Australian Pears Trader Cook Off Heat at the Market on Friday 4 July with his recipe Australian Pear Salad with Crispy Tiger Prawns!

Judges Sam Fernando of Queen Victoria Market and Roger Goold of My Kitchen Moves were facing a tough decision as there were only points separating Tony Pham and his rival Rocco Tripodi of Market Juice.

In the end the fresh pear flavour shining through in Tony’s Asian dressed salad won over their taste buds. Tony cut Australian Packham Pears, cucumber and carrot into fine julienne and combined them with finely sliced chillies. Dressed with a mixture of lime juice, sugar and fish sauce, this salad proved the prefect match for his crispy tiger pawns (coated in Vietnamese green rice flakes, and deep fried).

Tony will represent Queen Vic Market in the My Market Rules with Australian Pears Trader Cook Off Final (please see details of next Heat and Final below).

Rocco Tripodi’s recipe for Pears in Pernod with Pork was wooed the crowd and judges alike. Cooking his pears in Pernod with shallots and garlic and tossing in walnuts and honey proved to marry well with pork chops sourced from fellow trader Hagan’s Organic Meat.

Next cook off events:

Sunday 20 July at the Dandenong Market Kitchen from 11am to 12noon (Heat)

Saturday 26 July at Prahran Market’s Blanco Kitchen from 11am to 12noon (Final – to see whose market rules with Australian Pears!)