The Worms Return!

The Market’s worm farm went on vacation over the Summer months as their sunny position in the Market was too hot for them. Last week we welcomed them home with open arms, as we work towards reducing the Market’s environmental impact.

Sponsored by Citywide, the 5 worm farms are located alongside the organics section in I Shed. The farms can receive 2kgs of fresh food waste twice each week which is then converted into nutrient-filled fertiliser by the worms which we will then use on the collection of potted trees and plants around the market. Worm farms are one of the best ways to provide rich fertiliser that is sustainable, cheap, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

The worms enjoy fruit and vegetable scraps, tea leaves and coffee grounds, egg shells and shredded, moist cardboard and paper, but not citrus fruits or meat and dairy – Lucky for them there is no shortage of scraps around the market for them to feast on! Coffee grinds are proudly supplied by Market Lane Coffee & Chai leaves from Original Chai Stall.

Visible to all who wander through the market, the worm farms also aim to promote environmental sustainability to the wider public. Cheap, odourless and requiring very little maintenance, worm farms are an easy and useful addition to any home. Even the smallest homes can benefit from reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill by turning a percentage of their food waste into fertiliser that can further help the surrounding environment.

Next time you’re in the Market stop by and welcome the worms homewormfarm