A New Owner But A Shared History – The Famed Pharmacy Changes Hands

Thirty-six years ago the Pharmacy in the Deli Hall of the Market was opened by John Hurlston and David Norton. A month and a half ago they sold their business, but it still feels like family. We caught up with new owner but familiar face, Cheryl Wei Ping who has taken over the Elizabeth St shop.

QVM: Congratulations Cheryl! Despite being the new Pharmacy owner you are very at home. We marketeers’ know you as an old friend.

Cheryl: Five years ago John and David gave me my first job out of College, I left to complete my internship for a year then returned to the Market Pharmacy as a locum. I have been back full time for years now.

In my first year I was already telling David and John that if they ever sold it must be to me. I love it.

QVM: What kept pulling you back to the market?

Cheryl: The market is a close-knit community; we don’t stand alone like other Pharmacies. I know all the people who work around us.

QVM: It must be great having existing relationships and not being the new guy?

Cheryl: I have worked at the market for 5 years and shopped here for 10, but the market is full of families whose association spans generations. In market terms I am definitely still the new guy!

QVM: Do you have any tips on getting the best out of the market?

Cheryl: The reason for shopping at the market is the same as when I began shopping here 10 years ago, as a student living in the city recently arrived from Malaysia. The freshest of fresh food!

QVM: Congratulations Cheryl, we look forward to speaking with you over the counter again soon!

The historic Vic Market Pharmacy still operates from it’s Elizabeth Street location.