Meet the Maker – Say Cheese! The Low Down On All Things Fromage From A Deli Hall Favourite!

If you love cheese like we do, you’ll love our chat with Bill Tzimas from the beloved Bill’s Farm who’s been sourcing the best local and international cheeses for the past 23 years.  Read on for his tips on what’s hot in cheese and artisan small goods – and how to get the most from shopping for the best produce at the Market.

QVM – Hi Bill, You’ve been shopping at the Market since childhood with your family. When did that become your living?
I also shopped here in my 20’s when I was in the corporate world. I fell in love with the Deli Hall and made a tree change; actually a ‘Cheese Change’! I really love the market.

Outstanding local and imported cheese is my passion. Four years ago I expanded the shop to provide artisan small goods.

QVM -There is so much beautiful produce; what is the next big thing in cheese?
Bill – Mountain cheese is the big new thing. Traditionally made from sheep and goat milk in the warmer months in the Alps, it is bought down in winter and aged for 12 months. Mountain cheese is a table cheese; hard and solid. Delicious!

QVM – During the warmer months what has been fabulous?
Bill – Australia makes wonderful goat milk. Goat cheeses, both ashed and plain, have been popular and curd with salmon for a smashing warm weather meal.

QVM – What surprises do you have coming into the next season?
Bill – Fondue is back in Europe in a big way; it’s a bit more polished in its new presentation. We have some brand new fondue pots that will elevate the experience for fondue lovers and new comers alike.

My small goods translate across the seasons. They have increased in popularity and I find people want quality small goods in the home-style; Italian Sopressa and some beautiful Spanish style salami with fennel are my current favorites.

QVM – That sounds scrumptious Bill!
As an insider, what is your top tip Market tip?

Talk to your stallholders! Remember the people who sell the produce are the ones who purchased it.  Building repore is what got the market started, and what keeps it alive.

Ask what is great and how long things keep. I do. It’s how I get the best of what is out there and it’s a source of inspiration.

QVM – Thanks for sharing your story and tips Bill. See you in the Deli Hall!