Meet the Maker – Hand Crafted Fun for Children & Children at Heart


Look closely and there are fairies to be found at the Market! We chat with Krista Hackett who has been hand making glitter strewn fairy creations for market customers for 10 years. We caught up with her to talk about Fairy Dance.


QVM – Hi Krista, We’ve never seen so much glorious glitter!  These beautiful things must be every girls dream dress up.

Fairy Dance – There is something about Fairy wings, wands, dresses, sparkly shoes and garlands that fosters play. I have parents who can’t come to the market with their children without visiting Fairy Dance.



QVM – You hand make many of these creations, colour and glitter really feature in your life!

Fairy Dance –We make fairy wings, garlands and headbands and decorate our fairy dolls. It’s quite a process, taking a day to make 10 sets of wings. Bending wire on a template, welding, covering, painting with airbrushes. Then the glitter goes on.

We use high quality, non-toxic, biodegradable glitter. We can’t have chemicals hurting children and it’s amazing how glitter travels. Even my dog sparkles!


QVM – Anything for the (tom)boys?

Fairy Dance – Some very impressive dragons, pirates and wizards have been created here.


QVM – Excellent! How did you come to be at the Queen Victoria Market?

Fairy Dance – Working in childcare I was enormously inspired by children’s make believe play, however, I was disappointed in the lack luster costumes available to them. 20 years ago I began making and retailing fairy costumes.

10 years ago it was clear the Market was the right place for our unique offerings with its mix of diverse clientele and regular patrons.


QVM – As a market insider what are your top tips?

Fairy Dance – Produce at the market is amazing, fresher and cheaper than anywhere else. The difference in organic free-range eggs here and in a supermarket is extraordinary. I really love the Deli Hall; the dips are my favorite.


You can find Fairy Dance at the following locations: Tuesday & Friday: Stall 99-100, D Shed; Saturday & Sunday: Stall 63-64 Walkway