Meet Our ‘Favourite’ Traders: The Chicken Pantry

Janine from the Chicken Pantry has successfully taken out the favourite Poultry trader 2nd year running! Trading in the market for 17 years, the Chicken Pantry sources the best poultry and game from specialty local farms. 

What is your product?
We specialise in free range and organic products from small specialty farms. We like to source the best quality products that are only sold in small quantities as they are not mass produced. We sell a large selection of poultry and game. If it is available and fits in these categories then we will source it.

What is your stand-out/favourite item you sell?
We love to sell the best quality chickens even though they stretch the budget a bit due to the time and quality of farming that it takes. There is nothing better than someone coming back the following week excited to tell you how much they enjoyed it. We also sell duck. turkey, goose, partridge, pheasant, quail, kangaroo, wallaby and crocodile. A large selection of the best quality sausages. The list is endless changing with the seasons.

How long have you been trading at the Market?
We have been at the market for 17 years now though I can’t believe it sometimes. I still feel like the new kid on the block.

What do you love most about market life?
The thing I love most about the market is the variety of people you deal with everyday. I get to talk to sportsman, politicians, judges, solicitors, journalists, actors, tradesman, dentists, doctors and the list goes on. All walks of life and all sorts of conversations to be had each time you open that window. Happy stories, sad stories. We know a great number of our customers names, and all about their children and now grandchildren.


You’re such a passionate stallholder at the Market, where do you get your inspiration from?
We get inspiration from our customers, what they have seen on their overseas travel and what they are cooking. Also from food magazines and television shows telling us of trends happening all over the world. we are also lucky enough to have some of Australia’s best chefs shop at our store and they are pretty inspiring knowing what they are cooking week to week.

Where are your favourite places to shop at the Market?
I love the selection of deli’s available at the market. Each one offering something a little different. Also the fish we are able to source is amazing quality and freshness. The organic produce has grown and is amazing. Our fruit and veg selection is amazing offering what is in season and excellent quality at reasonable prices. We are able to buy the best at a great price with a smile or a joke attached and if you need any help with cooking there is always someone happy to help. You can’t get that in a supermarket.

We are very proud to part of this wonderful institution. We are very happy to be their to help new and seasoned chefs get inspired by the great selection of produce we are fortunate enough to have on our doorstep!

Contact the Chicken Pantry

Location: Shop 85 – 86, Deli Hall
Ph: (03) 9329 6417