Kids Craft – Bunny Masks


Paper plates, paint and paintbrushes, coloured  cardboard, scissors, glue, pipecleaners, cotton balls,  glitter (optional), a hole punch and elastic.


Draw two circles and a triangle on to the paper plate to make the eyes and nose, and cut them out. Then lay some newspaper on the table and paint the mask any colour you like.

Cut out two bunny ears from the coloured card and, when the paint is dry, staple or glue the ears to the top of the mask. Glue the pipecleaners just underneath the nose and then glue cotton balls over the ends of the pipecleaners to make whiskers.

Glue more cotton balls down the middle of the ears. Decorate with glitter, colourful stars or anything else you like!

Punch a hole either side of the plate, around eye level. Measure a piece of elastic just long enough to fit around your head so that the mask will stay on your face.