Hidden Treasures: New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. After eating lots of delicious (and not all that healthy) food and letting good habits slip over the crazy festive season, it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions!

No matter how skilled you are at prioritising, how motivated you seem on January 1st or the good intentions behind the resolution, they are hard to achieve. In fact, a recent study out of Pennsylvania suggests that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution. Clearly most of these people haven’t come to the Market to find all they need to achieve their goals.

This week we have been digging up some hidden treasures from around the Market that will help you complete those difficult New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolution Number 1
Getting Organised


Post-it notes. Highlighters. Colourful folders. Are all great ways to keep your work organised, but their use stops at your desk. If you really want to achieve this goal, why not try something that will get your life running like clockwork?

Stop by Victoria Market Watches to pick up a timepiece that will not only keep you arriving at appointments ahead of time but also up to date with the latest trends. And if you are running late, you can always just wind back the minute hand!

Assorted watches
Prices range from $30 to $50
Available from Victoria Market Watches (Click here for locations and trading hours)
For more information, phone 0412 516 464

Resolution Number 2
Eating Healthy


During December we tend to replace our daily fruit consumption with daily fruit mince pie consumption. And that is a hard habit to break once January rolls around!

Maybe the thing standing in the way of your healthier eating is an unappealing fruit bowl. If that is the case, then stop by C & I Arts and Crafts to pick up a gorgeous fruit bowl. Once your fruit is displayed in these meticulously carved bamboo baskets it will be as irresistible as those mince pies!

Assorted bamboo fruit bowls
Prices range from $20 to $40
Available from C & I Arts and Crafts (Click here for locations and trading hours)
For more information, email iriszhangchan@hotmail.com

Resolution Number 3
Learn a New Skill


Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world. So why not spend some time with the Market Lane Coffee team learning how to get the most out of your coffee at home? Guaranteed to impress your friends, these courses will teach you about the Aeropress, Plunger and Pour Over brewing methods equipping you with the skills to impress all your friends and family throughout the New Year.

Coffee Brewing Classes
Price: $85
Available at Market Lane Coffee, Shop 73-76
For more information, visit www.marketlane.com.au

Resolution Number 4
Sustainable Eating


Knowing where your food comes from is incredibly important. Especially when that food comes from other animals.

Sourcing their eggs from selected farms in Victoria and Australia, The Eggporium carries a large variety of sustainable egg choices. They stock certified organic eggs, free range eggs, brown eggs, white eggs, duck eggs and even quail eggs that are not only better for you, but also ensure a high level of well-being for the chickens that produce them.

Huge assortment of eggs
Various prices
Available from The Eggporium, I Shed, Stall 43-45
For more information, visit www.theeggporium.com.au

Resolution Number 5
Detox and Cleanse

DSC_0605 - Copy

Did you gorge too much during the Christmas festivities? Ready for a cleanse to start the year fresh?

Drop by Petal to select from a range of Melbourne-made teas and oils to get you through 2015. The Glow Tea features a beautiful blend of detoxing herbs perfect for a cleanse while the Eastern Sunrise Tea is full of antioxidants with a light touch of passionfruit and rose scents. If it is a better sleep you are after then try Mother Nature’s own sleeping potion: Lavender Oil. Used in a diffuser, an oil burner or simply placed on your pillow this blend is sure to assist with sleep.

Assorted teas and oils
Prices begin at $9.50
Available from Petal, String Bean Alley, Container 7
For more information, visit www.petalproducts.com.au

With all these great products to keep you on track this year, there is no excuse not to achieve your 2015 resolutions!