Hidden Treasures: Chinese New Year

Melbourne glows red and gold for two weeks every year as we welcome the Chinese New Year festival. Visit Queen Victoria Market to continue the celebrations into the Year of the Goat.

Lion and Dragon Dances

Source: The Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne

Source: The Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne

The first day of Chinese New Year is typically associated with visiting one’s elders and families while also creating as much noise as possible to chase off any evil spirits. All the evil spirits were chased out of the Market this morning with a traditional Lion Dance culminating in a very loud display of fire crackers organised by the Market’s own Feng Shui Cures & Crystals. If you missed this morning’s display, never fear there are two more chances to catch a Dragon Dance at the Market.

Visit the Market this Saturday 21st February at 1.00pm or the Summer Night Market on Wednesday 25th February at 7.00pm to catch a traditional Dragon Dance performed by the Hong De Dragon and Lion Dance Association. All dances depart from the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets.

Feng Shui Cures & Crystals


To ensure that you have the spirits on your side this Chinese New Year, visit Feng Shui Cures & Crystals to pick up a Crystal Goat. These goats come in a variety of colours and encourage prosperity, fame and good fortune in the New Year. Make sure you place it in the entry, on the right side of your desk or in a prominent place in the home to reap these rewards in 2015.

Crystal Goat
Available from Feng Shui Cures & Crystals

141 Victoria Street, Melbourne

Chinese New Year Feasts


Food is an integral part of every Chinese New Year celebration. There are a number of specialty Chinese traders at the Market who are brimming with knowledge of the perfect dishes to ensure continued wealth and prosperity into the Year of the Goat.

Husband and wife, Steven & Jennifer Luo, have been trading at the Market for over 30 years. Every year they celebrate Chinese New Year with a big family gathering. Bringing their five children together for a celebratory dinner, they like to serve BBQ Pork, Chicken, Fish, Prawns, Lettuce and a special Chinese cake which the grandmother also makes for the local temple. Throughout the Chinese New Year festival, visit their stall to find Lychees, Logan (Dragon Eyes) and Lady Finger Bananas as well as some advice on creating the best Chinese dishes.