Hidden Treasures: Australia Day

January is always a difficult month. After taking some time off over the holiday season, it is hard to get back into work mode. Luckily the first public holiday of the year isn’t that far away!

Australia Day means many things to many people. Some people gather the family together. Some people count down the hottest 100 songs on Triple J. Others use it as an opportunity to get outside in the lovely Summer weather. But no matter what you are doing, it always revolves around the great Aussie BBQ and we have been out in the Market this week hunting down some iconic Australia Day treats.

Australian Kangaroo Salami


Snags are an Australian classic. But why not try something even more Australian?

Drop by Woods Aussie Deli for a great selection of Australian Kangaroo Salami. Unlike traditional salami, this Kangaroo version has a sweeter taste and a darker colour available in Pepperoni or Garlic & White Wine flavours. Due to the lean nature of Kangaroo meat, this salami is also much lower in fat which is always good for during the swimwear season.

Pepperoni or Garlic & White Wine Kangaroo Salami
Prices range from $13.50
Available from Woods Aussie Deli, Shop 41-42, Deli Hall

Australian Bread


When it comes to the iconic Sausage in Bread, too many people forget about the bread. But the bread is just as important!

Among their huge assortment of bread, Bread Box’s specialty is their Pane di Costa. Baked on-site each morning, this beautiful loaf is incredibly popular and the perfect addition to complement any snag straight off the BBQ.

Pane di Costa
Available from Bread Box, Shop 81-82, Deli Hall

Australian Cleanskins


Do you want to know the key to a good BBQ? It all comes from balance. One hand is holding the tongs doing the important task of checking the cooking progress. The other hand is carrying out the equally important task of holding a glass of Australian wine or beer.

Featuring all manner of Australian wines, beers and ciders, Swords will have your Australia Day alcohol needs covered. Their Brunswick Street Shiraz is sourced from South Australia and bottled in Melbourne. And if you buy six bottles, you get the seventh one FREE!

Brunswick Street Shiraz
Available from Swords Wines, Shop 47-50, Deli Hall

Australian Photography

AB 1

I was always taught never to turn up at someone else’s house empty handed. The easy solution is to bring food, but why not try something longer lasting?

Andrew Bertuleit Photography has an enormous range of iconic Australian imagery. All prints are mounted and ready to fit into any standard frame sizes. They are sure to brighten up any walls while celebrating the beautiful Australian land and cityscapes.

Assorted Photographs
Various Prices
Available from Andrew Bertuleit Photography

Contact the Market Office for location

Australian Fashion


Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring – nothing says Australian fashion like Ugg Boots!

Visit Jumbo Ugg to select from a huge variety of Australian made Ugg Boots. Available in small, medium and large as well as in a variety of specialised designs, these Ugg Boots are sure to get you into the Australia Day spirit!

Assorted Ugg Boots
Various Prices
Available from Jumbo Ugg
Contact the Market Office for location