It’s A Fish Frenzy

Spring is upon us and in the world of barbecue, it’s time for seafood, salads, fresh fruit and veg. Apart from all the other great stalls and chatty traders, the Queen Victoria Market is renowned for its seafood section, housed in the mighty Meat Hall between Elizabeth and Queen Streets in the CBD.

No doubt there’s a magnificent array on offer from your favourite QVM fishmonger and if you find it all slightly bewildering with all the fresh and frozen species in front of you, talk to the stallholder about their recommendations for whatever method of cooking takes your fancy.

Fathers Day Fish 1

For me, it’s always barbecuing in it’s almost never ending and endlessly entertaining forms. Seafood generally, in all its guises, is made for bbq. Whether it’s grilling and/or baking a fillet, or roasting a whole fish over charcoal with some hickory smoke, firstly the wafting cooking aromas attack the senses, then the taste grabs you and has you hankering for the next excuse to break out the barbie.

Speaking only of fish and with no disrespect to the crustaceans of the world (also very tasty on the bbq), the market traders consistently have my all time favourite species in stock, ready and waiting for a Fathers Day cooking bonanza! While traditional white-fleshed species such as Snapper are definitely a go-to fish, my preference are the oilier types. I’m talking sides of salmon for hot, slow smoking or roasting the whole fish over burning embers, depending on how confident you are when it comes to mastering your barbecue/s. Tuna and Kingfish fillets for searing and grilling, seasoned only with good quality extra virgin olive oil, ground black peppercorns and flakes of sea salt. These fish are so tasty, there’s no need to mask their natural flavours with sauces and the like.

Same goes for our other oily fishy friends such as Rainbow Trout and Australian Sardines. Small enough to be roasted/baked whole in the case of the trout and for the sardines, grilling is the key.

All are magnificent served with a fresh garden salad and for dressing, a squeeze of lemon or lime will do the trick. For an extra bit of zing, grate some fresh horseradish into some crème fraiche or mix some wasabi through mayonnaise. And for any dads out there watching their weight, you’d be hard pressed to find a healthier option for the barbecue than the abovementioned dishes.

Finally, don’t forget that all the ingredients I’ve written about, including the fantastic seafood, are available from the market and all within a short distance from one another.

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