F Shed Happenings: Colour, Colour & More Colour – Brighten Up Your Wardrobe With Airllywood

Meet Mary-Anne Sullivan, the driving force behind all those bright colours at Airllywood….

Hailing from northern Queensland, Mary-Anne Sullivan has been a trader at QVM for over three years sharing her passion for colour and timeless summer layering pieces including kaftans and resort wear, shifts, wraps and maxi dresses in classic cuts, skirts and cardigans in natural fabrics, strong prints and vivid patterns. We caught up with Mary-Anne to hear find out you can feel as glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday.


QVM – Hi Mary-Anne, we love your off-duty sunshine style! Tell us about Airllywood’s classic cuts and luxurious feel?

Airllywood is all about cotton and colours, of course, with the exception of our silk kaftans.  The business was started in Airlie Beach, Queensland, and natural fibres is the only way to go on warm days. Our aim is for you to look good but feel comfortable.


QVM – What’s a typical market day like for you?

Get up at 5:45am and check overnight orders from the Website. Then its load new stock and head for the Market – for me that’s a 45 min journey. We open and clean the shop at about 7:30am, ensure replacement stock is put out on the racks and we are open for business by 8:00am.


QVM – Airllywood upholds an ethical standards policy. Why did you made that choice for your business?

Apart from clearly identifying your target market, you must focus on product and price. We made a conscious decision to offer a quality product at a reasonable price rather than a lesser product at a low price. We personally visit all overseas manufacturing facilities to ensure child labour is not used. There are times when this policy is at odds with commercial profit – however, we choose to stay with the policy.


QVM – What are some highlights of being a QVM trader?

Every day is special at the QVM as we get to meet people from just about every country. No one is rushed – they get to try on clothes and we get a chance to talk.  We get to learn a little of their country and culture, and they get to learn a lot about the QVM.


QVM – You’re a market insider, what are your top tips and your favourite places at the Queen Vic Market?

The QVM provides a colourful shopping experience with just about everything you have been looking for and quite a few that you hadn’t even thought of! Check out Mark’s Ugg boots in C Shed, Jenny’s hats at the Basket shop and Tony’s photographs of Melbourne in String Bean Alley.


QVM – Airllywood designs are perfect for layering in the Melbourne climate – what pieces that would make a fashionable Mother’s Day gift?

We have cotton dresses that are truly trans-seasonal – worn on their own in summer or with a T and boots in autumn and winter. For something really special for the really special Mum, look at the Airllywood Kaftans. For the smaller budget we have cotton kaftan tops at $39 right the way through to silk full length, embellished Kaftans. Make Mum feel like Elizabeth Taylor – she deserves it.

Have a wander along to F Shed and check out the full Airllywood range Tue: 8am-2pm, Fri – Sat: 8am-3pm, Sun: 8am-4pm