Dolly Leuzzi’s Top Tips for DIY Floral Arrangements

With Mother’s Day coming up and flowers being a popular gift, Dolly Leuzzi from Joe Leuzzi Flowers has given us her top tips on getting the most out of your blooms.

Dolly works alongside her husband Joe, who comes from three generations of Market florists. Their business has been running for more than 50 years with Dolly applying her passion in the Market for over 20.

‘Shabby chic’ and vintage looks are becoming big trends for 2015 according to Dolly, with customers saying au revoir to tropicals. “Customers are steering away from previously popular tropicals and going towards a more softer look, open flowers with a big head such as lilies.”

Indoor plant sales are also on the up, with city and apartment dwellers looking to bring a little of the great outdoors in and increase greenery in their homes. Dolly suggests palm leaves as they look great and are perfect for inside – low in cost and long lasting.

“There’s a movement in the industry towards making it easier for customers to have a go at DIY projects and we’re noticing more customers are investing their time in DIY floral arrangements” Dolly says.

“We often spend time with interested customers giving them insight into how to have a go at home, as well as offering additional services such as vase hire if required.” Dolly also suggested Pinterest and YouTube as great sources for inspiration.

Getting the most out of your floral arrangement:

  • No leaves in the water makes an enormous difference!
  • Be diligent: clean water every three days and always trim the ends.
  • Simple but so many forget – make sure you check the water level!

Creating your own vintage arrangement:

  • Open flowers with big heads such as peonies, lilies and hydrangeas are perfect for achieving a softer look.
  • Choose cheap and cheerful varieties and use lots of them to create volume. Short open roses and carnations, which are making a huge comeback can similarly be used for a full look.
  • Source flowers with interesting textures ie. those with a fluffy appearance.
  • Wrapping flowers in simple brown paper with string is very popular and perfect if it’s a gift.

You can find Joe Leuzzi Flowers at Queen Victoria Market, Kiosk, Therry Street (Outside the organic produce in I Shed).