Christmas Recipes: Beach Picnic

Keep the food light and fresh. These simple dishes don’t skimp on flavour and can be  prepared ahead of time. Try marinated chicken wings, a delicious bean salad tossed with chopped tomatoes, anchovies and olives, and decadent berry trifles served in individual cups. Don’t forget a bottle of sparkling wine!

Summer Berry Trifle
Serves 5

1 punnet each of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
(The Fresh Pear; Stall 20, B Shed)
½ cup sugar
(M&G Caifa; Shop 66-70, Dairy Hall)
10 sponge fingers
(Queen Victoria Market Cake Shop; Shop 51-54, Dairy Hall)
½ cup liqueur muscat
(Swords; Shop 47, Dairy Hall)
250g cream, whipped
(Gippsland Cream from Bill’s Farm; Shop 17-18, Dairy Hall)
200g chocolate, grated
(Belgium Callebaut Couverture chocolate from M&G Caifa; Shop 66-70, Dairy Hall)

In a saucepan, heat the blueberries, raspberries and strawberries with the sugar and a little water until 
In five cups (a plastic picnic cup works best) place broken up pieces of sponge fingers (soaked in the liqueur muscat) and berries in alternate layers.
Top with whipped cream and grated chocolate. Remember to pack some spoons!

Chicken wings
Serves 5

15 chicken wings
(Nifra Poultry; Shop 84, Dairy Hall)
½ cup olive oil
(Staghorn Flat’s robust manzanillo olive oil from Tina’s Gourmet Cheese Deli; Shop 33-35, Dairy Hall)
freshly ground black pepper
(Green Valley Spices; Stalls 36-40, B Shed)
a pinch of salt
(Murray River pink sea salt from Tina’s Gourmet Cheese Deli; see above)
2 tablespoons mustard
(French Moutarde Royale with cognac from Tina’s Gourmet Cheese Deli; see above)
1 tablespoon honey
(Ambrosia organic honey from Nut Trek; Shop 55-56, Dairy Hall)
juice of 1 lemon
(Fruit & Veg Supply; Stalls 21-25, H Shed)



Toss the chicken wings with the olive oil, pepper and salt, and roast at 180°C in a roasting dish for 20 minutes or until golden and crisp.
Whisk together the mustard, honey and lemon juice, and toss with warm wings.
Chill overnight before serving.